Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day

Jessie was super excited that Santa ate his cookies and drank the milk that we left for him.  We also left 8 baby carrots for the reindeer which they ate as well.  Santa brought Jessie an easel!
Jessie gave her dad a box of popcorn for Christmas.

Opening presents.

Uncle Jacob and Aunt Tori were so nice and sent Jessie a doll.  When she opened it she said about five times, "I've always wanted one of these!"

Jessie gave me two presents: a box of vanilla wafers, and our salt and pepper grinders.  I've been looking for my salt and pepper grinders for about two weeks. I'd thoroughly cleaned the house and looked through all the cupboards repeatedly. Every other day or so, I would say to Bryan and Jessie, "Have you seen the salt and pepper shakers?" The short, blond one in our family would always be completely silent when I would say this and Bryan claimed he hadn't seen them. Well, we were finishing up opening presents on Christmas morning, and Jessie gave me a second present from her to me to open. Inside: the salt and pepper grinders.  The best and most fun gift I've ever received.  We laughed pretty hard about it!

After presents we spent the day playing, reading, and eating.  We eventually watched Jingle All the Way with dinner.  It was a perfect Christmas.  Thank you to Grandparents and Brothers for your wonderful gifts!  


Preston and Keri said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I love that story about the salt and pepper shakers! Jessie sure is thoughtful!

Adri said...

What a lovely celebration! Your family is adorable. Happy New Year! xo