Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Monday

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: Free on Mondays for residents!
Ate a picnic lunch and saw about half of the zoo. 

Dinner at McDonald's.  FHE: Bears.
Easter is a bigger deal here in Ohio.  Most businesses are closed on Easter, and kids get Friday and Monday off.  Pretty great.  

April Date

Easter 2014

Egg hunt.  We'll have to do it outside next year.  Didn't think of that.  Jessie was excited for the Easter Bunny to come!  She set out carrots for him and had a hard time falling asleep.  She really wanted the Easter Bunny to leave her a picture of himself.  I told her that he doesn't like to show himself to anyone, but she said that if he left her a picture she would never show it to anyone.  

We had a picnic for Easter Dinner.

It was a beautiful 75 degree afternoon.  Ate and watched Jessie play with neighborhood kids.

Lesson: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
1 Corinthians 15:20-22: "But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept.  For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.  For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." 

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Classical Lunch

Jessie's school had a classical lunch: they were to dress up and eat lunch with tablecloths, candles, flowers, and classical music.  

Speech Graduation

Jessie has graduated from speech therapy!  Okay, as her mom I'm nervous about this and unsure if I believe the speech therapist because to me, Jessie's tongue still comes out a lot.  But the speech therapist says that she is supposed to help kids get to 90% accuracy and let them go, and I won't deny that Jessie is at the 90% level.  It's scary and exciting at the same time, which is what a graduation should be, I guess.  After four years, no more speech homework or appointments!  I will still monitor Jessie's speech, and the speech therapist said we can come see her or call her if we are concerned, but she says it's very rare to regress.  To celebrate, we went to Presti's Bakery in Little Italy.  Jessie chose the cassata cake.  It's huge and we tried to share, but I loathe anything that is soft, squishy, creamy, bland...  Jessie loved it and ate about a third of it, I tried a raspberry chocolate slice.  The speech therapist also gave her the wind-up bee, pictured below, as a parting gift.  Jessie named her Alice and has bestowed all kinds of stinker qualities on her.  Alice loves to hop around where she shouldn't and be a stinker.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cav's Pregame Performance

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jessie Quotes

"Did you know that Sadie has her own oven where she can make things?  A real oven that cooks real food.  And she hasn't even died yet."

After tucking J in for bed, she cupped her hands together and said: "I got all of your kisses."

When playing a guessing game, she described me for us to guess: "She has short hair, white skin, a black shirt on, and I love her."

After eating an ice cream cone: "I'm so happy I could eat another ice cream cone."

We were walking home in the rain and Jessie commented on the weather: "My favorite is when we have the bike or the car but this...oh wow...It's amazing!"

While eating a chocolate bar: "This is gorgeous."

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break

Jessie spent most of spring break with a cold.  It was a good thing, because she's already missed 7 days of school due to colds/sickness, and needs to have a doctor's note after ten days, so it was nice that she didn't need to miss any more school.  We still had lots of fun though and tried to do some special things each day.  
Bought Frozen and ate it with lunch and treats.
Nunzio's pizza and Modern Family party.  After J Rob went to bed, Bryan and I watched When In Rome (Bryan's choice.  So fun to watch with him.).
Arianna comes to play all day.  Watched Frozen, read stories at lunch, cuddled and played iPad games, art projects, and squinkies.
Hang out day.  Cleaning, homework/reading stories, exercise, and picking up Austin and Krystal from the airport!  We had fun visiting with them when they arrived!
Breakfast/getting ready.  Show Austin and Krystal Cleveland downtown, Tower City Center, Ritz Carlton.

Lunch at Slyman's.  Cool experience at a Jewish Deli.  Tour of Historic Kirtland and the Kirtland Temple.

Stopped for some photos of Cleveland (I love all the bridges) and even A Christmas Story House.

Dinner at Chipotle.  We had so much fun with Austin and Krystal!  We really enjoyed visiting with them.  They are always so thoughtful to bring a fun gift for Jessie, and they introduced us to some fun iPad games.  Perfect guests to have!
Girl Scout Cookie Booth at Giant Eagle.  Our booth was scheduled for 3 hours.  We made it 2.5 hours before giving up.  Most customers from Giant Eagle were so sweet and bought cookies.  When we got down to 15, I bought 5, my co-leader Debbie bought the other 10 and we packed up.  It was cold.  A great first cookie booth though.  When all the money is in and the paperwork done, our cookie selling with have raised 566.00 for our troop!  Thank you to everyone who bought Girl Scout Cookies from any troop!

After the cookie booth and guests, we all had some quiet time at home.  My favorite alone/quiet time is to eat food in the bath while watching TV or reading.  After everyone had some quiet time, we had a simple dinner at home and then went to Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  Great movie.
Below: Beginning of Spring in Cleveland.  No complaints here though.  The snow this year has been so beautiful.  Keep it coming please.

Below: New movie theatre seats.  Seriously?  We'll be back.

Mitchell's Ice Cream.  They've added two Vegan flavors (they didn't used to have any): Chocolate and Salted Caramel Pecan.  Delicious.
Below: Jessie had fun coloring after.

Girl Scouts.

General Women's Meeting.